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Cadillac Escalade Rental Chicago

Posted by admin On December - 27 - 2009
Cadillac Escalade Luxury Car Rental
  • $295.00
  • $1,695.00
  • $5,000.00
  • 100 miles
  • $2.00 per mile

Envy can be can be as hurtful as that beautiful ex girlfriend leaving you for that dude sporting that big SUV that you sometimes only see in three of every four music videos these days. And envy can tempt a lot of people to do stupid things; like steal cars. And guess what, that SUV you see in three of every

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four music videos is the most stolen car in the united states. That SUV is the Cadillac Escalade. Envy can be a pain in the behind, except if you’re the one dishing the pain. And for that reason we present to you the Cadillac escalade

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luxury SUV rental. All the bragging points and machismo you can get for only a fraction of the purchase price.

The latest Cadillac Escalade Luxury SUV Rental is a six-point-two-liter V-eight that has recently included GM’s Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation. Other than that minor change, the Escalade Luxury SUV Rental practically looks the same as the older models. All the luxury amenities, gadgetry and trimming you would normally see on the older Escalade Luxury SUV Rentals. No changes necessary, really. The boost of ego still stays the same. The Escalade Luxury SUV Rental is available in the pick up and SUV version. The EXT Luxury SUV Rental is is a crew-cab pickup truck that’s looks very much like the Chevrolet Avalanche. The SUV version is the ESV Luxury SUV Rental that seats about seven. Any choice provides the same uplifting ego experience. More importantly, the same spiteful feelings for the others not as lucky as you.

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